Best mini loans without payroll

Best mini loans without payroll

There are some aspects that we must take into account when requesting a mini-loan, the requirements that we have to meet, with which bank the company works, the time it will take to transfer, what it will cost us … These are some of the considerations what we have to have when we apply for a mini loan

The most advisable thing is not to apply for a loan without payroll for more than $ 6,000. Although, there really are few companies that offer microcredit such a high amount. Having no requirements, nor request guarantees when lending money, they will not offer such high amounts.

Take into account the requirements requested and see if we meet them

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  • Being over 21 years old, although some microcredit companies allow them to be over 18 years old.
  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have an active checking account and in the name of who is requesting the loan to make the deposit.
  • Have a mobile contact phone number and an email address.
  • Not being enrolled in delinquent records, although some microcredit companies do not include it as a requirement, that is, being enrolled in a delinquent list will not be

Knowing which bank the borrower works with, since if the bank is the one with the checking account, the money will be available in it within 24 hours, however, if the bank does not work with the borrower, it will take approximately 48 hours.

Be clear about the best mini-loan without payroll, some companies will offer up to an amount for being a new customer and others for old clients, knowing how much it will cost us … that’s why we have created the following comparison on the best mini loans without payroll.


What is the best mini loan without the need for payroll?

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The following comparison shows some of the companies that offer mini loans, which is the best mini-loan without having to have a payroll?

Kredito 24

  • New customers : $ 75 to $ 750
  • Former customers: $ 75 to $ 750
  • Return term: from 7 to 30 days


  • New customers : $ 50 to $ 500
  • Former customers: $ 50 to $ 500
  • Return term: from 15 to 30 days

Mobile Credit

  • New customers : $ 50 to $ 700
  • Former customers: $ 50 to $ 700
  • Return term: from 5 to 45 days


  • New customers : $ 50 to $ 600
  • Former customers: $ 50-600
  • Return term: from 7 to 30 days


  • New customers : $ 50 to $ 100 within 15 days
  • Former customers : $ 50-600
  • Return term: from 15 to 30 days


We know that the mini-loans have high interests, let’s see how much it would cost us to request a $ 150 mini-loan and return it in 15 days or in 30 days.

As we can see in the previous table, returning a loan in 15 days has a cost of around $ 40, while if we want to return it within 30 days, it is approximately $ 50. As we can see, the cheapest mini loans with a 30-day repayment term are the fast cash specialist and fast loans Sucré, while at 15 days, the cheapest is the microcredit at the time of Twinero

How are mini loans requested and what do we need?

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To see with a little more clarity the operation of mini loans, we will take as an example the company Sucrédito, which offers mini loans at $ 50-600 if you are already a customer, to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days. If you are not a customer, the amount will be $ 50 to $ 150 to be returned within 15 days.

The procedure to apply for a mini loan will be different if you are a customer or not, this will also be the case in other mini loan companies.

If you are not yet a customer:

  • First of all, you will have to fill in the application form from the credit website or provide the information by phone.
  • Afterwards, the supporting documentation must be sent by mail or fax to verify the identity of the person requesting the mini loan and its economic situation
  • The last step will be to wait for an answer, in a few minutes the company will call or communicate by email the acceptance or not of the requested mini loan and will inform you how long it will take to make the transfer effective.

If you are already a customer:

The only step that will have to be done will be to request the amount and the term in which you want to repay the mini loan, either online, by email or SMS. Once the person has been accepted as a client, it will not be necessary for the other loans to be accepted, since they are accepted automatically.

The request for microcredits or mini-loans is increasingly high, especially for small expenses that may arise at any given time. The purpose of these, as we have said, is usually the payment of small needs, such as the purchase of an appliance or fixing a breakdown in the home. There will be someone who does not want to apply for this type of fast loans, but what is certain is that this form of financing is increasingly widespread and accepted.

Which loan suits you best?

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If you are thinking of reforming your home, giving your business a change of look, or, you have to face any unexpected expenses this month, in Rankia we help you find (and find) the loan that best suits your needs. We do it through a completely free study and without any commitment.

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